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London is known as the main attraction in the UK. It is the place for entrepreneurs and businessmen to go for the best business opportunities.  As in every location, unwanted pests including pigeons can sometimes cause problems. When pest infestation happens, it is the best idea to get it sorted quickly with the help of some professionals. As such, it is only natural that people try different methods to stop all the problems that pests can bring.  There are many who would opt for the old home remedies from putting cinnamon and paprika powder on your rooftops to stop the birds from perching. However, the best method is to employ the services of a professional team. Thanks to professional pigeon proofing, London now has many private and public buildings that are free of pests. Pests no longer need to be a problem with the help of professional pigeon proofing. These....

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Pigeon Proofing Your Garden? Why You Should Use Plastic Bird Netting

If you are the kind of person who likes to grow his or her own fruit trees, berry bushes or vegetable gardens, you will have likely had to deal with a pest bird infestation at some point. Birds can destroy ripening vegetables or fruit and leave your garden looking a mess. Pigeons eat all kinds of berries and fruits. Other birds such as Mockingbirds, Thrashers or Orioles like to eat oranges. Waxwings, bluebirds, robins and finches love to eat grapes. Starlings like to eat cherries. Sadly, no matter which fruit you decide to grow, you will find a pest that will take a liking to it. If you love to garden, you have probably spent a lot of time protecting your plants from insects and watering them. After devoting so much energy and time taking care of them, the last thing you want is for your home-grown fruits and vegetables....

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