Pigeon Control

Feral pigeons can be commonly noticed across the UK. These birds can easily spread disease and breed up to six times a year. A lonely pigeon seems to be harmless but in greater numbers, they can really affect your property badly. Pigeons love to live in flocks and can prove to be a menace in time.

How to do pigeon control in London?

Keep an eye on the movement of the birds. It is always better to understand whether it is single or coming in flocks. This problem can soon become a major issue and this is where you need Beaver Pest Control to come into play.

Before you call for them, here are few signs that you may have a bird infestation:

Roam around the local area for any signs of a food source that the pigeons might be feeding off. Birds will often find a vantage point to spy on a place that they can regularly scrounge food from. Pigeons don’t usually linger on one vantage point for too long, as they are constantly on the move to find the next place they can exploit.

Pigeons traditionally like to settle in difficult to reach areas. They often hide from view to protect themselves and their chicks from predators and will choose any flat surface that is protected from any danger.

The most common sign of a bird infestation is a build-up of what is known as guano soiling (pigeon excrement) on the external building. As well as hosting numerous diseases, excrement contains uric acid, a highly corrosive chemical that can damage paint, metal and other elements of your property and should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

This can really be a tedious task and you might want to ask for help of a professional in London to get rid of them. Consider Beaver Pest Control, they have years of experience and the correct tools to get the job done. They don’t waste time and take action as soon as you get in touch with them.

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