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Pigeon removal in London is necessary as they damage million pounds of properties every year which has become a real tension for the people living there. The feral pigeons are also known as the vermin’s because they pose serious health risks to human being. They are responsible for carrying multitude of diseases and they are also renowned for harboring biting insects which include mites, which causes intestinal infections and other respiratory problems.

Pigeon control in London can be performed by bird proofing and bird deterrence system. These are proved as the most effective pest control remedies that can stop nesting, roosting or perching on properties in and around London. Shooting and trapping are effective mediums at an initial stage but it doesn’t constitute as an long time preventive measure as new flock of pigeons re invest the old territories.

Beaver Pest Control is such an organization where all these activities are actively incorporated. The systems that are used by the company is not made to kill the pigeons instead they are built in order to shift their area into some new zone. The clients prefer this organization over any other in the market because-

  • They provide all kinds of preventive measures so that pigeon control can be achieved.
  • They are cost effective in nature.
  • They provide bird repellers which is not harmful for human being but very effective strategy to remove pigeons.
  • They do not harm those pigeons instead shift them to some other place.
  • They study all the pigeons before implementing any kind of treatment so that they have a good knowledge about the flock of pigeons and understand their behavior and take preventive measures.
  • They provide spring wire system which is an effective medium to control birds as these works as anti perch spiking.

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